Friday, May 29, 2009

Lynsi's Fishbowl

So here's the deal - I love creating art and it makes my day to have someone enjoy something I made. Since I can remember I have been creating art but this is the first time I am actually really trying to sell my artwork. It is a hard thing to say "I am an artist." I usually answer with, "Well, I paint..." or "Yeah, I mean... I make stuff." But "I am, I am an artist!" - there I said it. Ultimately, my goal is to build a business around my passion so I am able to do this full-time - as for now, I would be thrilled with part-time art work. Ha! Sorry, couldn't pass it up. What inspires me? Everything around me from my cats to the packaging on the back of my cereal box. I put my heart in everything I do. Each piece is made with a strong passion for arts and the love of making something from nothing. I have this strong desire for others to come into my world and see it through my eyes - this is my fishbowl.